Hi, I’m Laura!

I am creative and story-oriented. I love writing, design, great books, lingering meals and deep community.

I see stories and beauty everywhere. In faces and on book covers and around tables at cafes. On train rides and on the Internet. In waiting rooms and airport terminals.

And, at the core, story drives my theology in this life. I believe in God’s redemptive plan for this world and for each of us through Jesus, the greatest storyteller.

During the work week, I am a writer and media strategist at SE2, a communications agency that helps organizations make an impact on important issues in Colorado. It’s work that I love and that I’m honored to do.

In my free time, I scribble and read and create and work with my hands. I love to plan meals and gatherings, explore and kayak and meander through bookshops and antique stores.

Here is where you’ll find the letters I’m writing about it all — life, faith, bravery and beauty in the everyday.

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  1. Chad Mejia says:

    Hi friend! I just sat down to your blog which we shared with our supporters in our thank you notes. Wow!!! Your photography and thoughts on our trip are amazing. Took me right back to Haiti and made me smile. You have a gift for sure and I am really glad we had a chance to share Haiti with you. Hope all is well with you and your family as you settle back in to the rhythm of America with great memories of Haiti in your heart. Love from The Mejias!

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