I’m Laura – a writer that values creativity, intentionality, and legacy.

My goal is to use language to promote empathy and cultivate beauty.

I aspire to work that is thought-provoking and conversational. I believe empathy is at the core of what our world needs, and I hope my work invites others to practice that art.

Words have the power to enamor, inspire and compel when used well, and that is the work I strive to produce.

In my current role as a communications director, I support organizations that are creating positive change in housing and community-building in Denver, CO. Our team produces creative work that moves people to learn, care and contribute to the common good.

I process the world with curiosity and creativity.

My creative interests began with producing school newspapers and writing short stories, and later lead to dual majors in journalism and English. My feature writing, photography and multimedia storytelling have taken me everywhere from Ireland and Italy to the American West and Midwest, collecting stories of pastoral living, community and faith.

I love to read, learn and connect with my neighbors. I relish small joys like flower arranging and cooking with friends. My roots and home are in Denver, Colorado.

Here is where you’ll find the letters I’m writing about it all — community, culture and meaning in the everyday.

Recent Writing

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